„Face & Beard Wash“ – intense clean


„Face & Beard Wash“ – intense clean

The DK NOIR “Face&Beard Wash” is a cleansing foam which should be applied in the morning and evening, on to a damp face.
With its Sugar surfactants and wash-active amino acids it provides a soft and tender care for every face.
Allantoin and panthenol leave a smooth and comforting feeling on your skin, and also have a anti-inflammatory effect.
Herbal glycerin guarantees smooth beard hair and also enough moisture.
Combining face and beard cleansing not irritating the skin, this product is unique, which makes it a very easy to be used on a daily basis.

Ingredients: Sugar surfactants, amino acids, allantoin, phantol, vegetable glycerin, coconut sulfates, citric acid, sodium & potassium sulfates, natural fragrances.

Price: 25,90 € (200ml)